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April 29, 2016
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Mail: Country: Poland,Warsaw. Ukraine, Kiev Age: 32 Family status: is married Profession: professional trader Experience on Forex: 12 years Style of trade: trading without indicators
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Trading is your lifestyle.

You can buy different currencies and make a profit when the exchange rate between currencies changes – this is Forex trading. You do not need many currency pairs, choose 1-2 currency pairs. Trading Forex online has many advantages: you can make transactions from your home, office, coffee shop, or any other place with an Internet connection. Forex never sleeps. It works around the clock on weekdays and can fit your pace of life. You don’t need a lot of money to start trading, but you need a lot of money to gain knowledge. For those traders who have a lot of time, they can study the physics of the market on their own, 5-7 years may be enough for this, but not always. Forex trading likely won’t make you rich overnight, but it can provide you with a steady income along with your regular job. But it is better that trade becomes your main business in order to make big money for yourself and your family. Of course, you will have to put in some effort for this, but this is exactly what KingEURUSD is for – helping you master trading to the extent that suits your personal lifestyle, and helping you find your way in the Forex market.

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