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What is included support?

– Firstly, personal lessons on Skype (about 5 lessons, enough to learn the whole algorithm).
– Secondly, video instruction (a detailed review of the rules and tools).
– Thirdly, text algorithm Pdf file.
– Finally, my personal support in trade (recommendations, consultations at any time).

Course cost and duration.

Course cost is $ 5000.
The algorithm consists of several parts, each of which complements each other. At each lesson you will see your progress. It is safe for the student, at each lesson you will see your progress.
The duration of the training is approximately 2 weeks. Time for lessons is negotiated in person. After training, you can immediately use a real-account. And there is no need to use a demo-account.

It is forbidden to share, sell or distribute the information you receive, otherwise the student will be deprived of my support.

Payment deal.

You need to write me a letter in the mail, so I can marked “buy course” and find out the payment details:


Why would I pay the full cost of a course if I can find it for free or cheaper?

The trader who bought the course unofficially will never receive my personal lessons and my support in trading. The way to understand the algorithm is only through personal Skype lessons, because we study many market situations and how to apply the system in these situations. The market is dynamic, it changes daily, even with all the information it is very difficult to use it effectively. In this chaos, every trader wants to see constant rules and a consistent algorithm. I am ready to share it and teach you how to use it efficiently and safely for your account
Trade safety and efficiency is what the KING EURO trading system philosophy consists of. Welcome to the team!


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Attention! The trading system is protected by copyright.
The student is prohibited from disseminating. Any information regarding the trading system, otherwise the student will be deprived of support in trading forever.