90% Profitable deals


Trading without indicators


Stable rules and tools

Your strategy should be Simple, Reliable and Effective

  1. ✔️ Single algorithm
  2. ✔️ Not standard tools
  3. ✔️ Currency chart without indicators
  1. ✔️ Stable rules
  2. ✔️ Accurate deals
  3. ✔️ High number of profitable deals
  1. ✔️ Trading without using price Trend
  2. ✔️ Small stop loss
  3. ✔️ Filter for losing trades

Your trading experience doesn't matter. You will receive completely information and tools


You will learn the rules and tools that don’t change.


Additionally you get a structured algorithm with the exact sequence of actions.


Also you will get a high number of profitable deals.


Finally your deal will have the best risk / profit ratio.

Trading without indicators. Currency pair EURUSD. +$20000 for 1 month.

Life is too short to have regrets, you need to make decisions...

  1. Does your strategy not satisfy you?
  2. Are your attempts to make money fail?
  3. Do you need a new and safe action plan to start again?
  1. Do you feel you cannot control your life?
  2. Every day, do you give all your strength to make money?
  3. The market is playing with you and giving you false hope?

My name is Ruslan. I am the author of the trading system KingEURUSD, trader with 15 years of trading experience. I was able to develop a unique trading system for the EUR/USD currency pair, which gives constant low-risk profits over a long period of time.

The algorithm has stability rules and tools, which means that the rule that I used, for example, 5 years ago, I use now. The basic structure always remains the same. The components of the trading system complement each other and work as a single organism.

They have no value individually, only all together. The trend in this structure does not matter, as well as indicators. I look at a clean chart of currencies and get the new and most important information that big traders use. It's time to share my knowledge with you. I want to see real speculators and impassive traders in my team, for whom trading is their life !

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