Here I will try to give a detailed description of the trading system KingEURUSD, so that you understand how it works.


Trading system without indicators and without using *trend*. It doesn’t matter what the *trend* is right now.
Rules and tools are collected into a single algorithm that never changes because the system remains unchanged without any changes.
For example a buy and sell pattern, buy and sell zones, trading cycles and filters for losing trades. Because the pattern is a certain cluster and arrangement of candles in the place because I need on the chart (the pattern outside the zone does not matter).
The buy and sell zone is where I meet the price to complete my transactions if all the conditions for the transaction are met. Trading cycle – determines the systematic price movement and filtering out false price provocations (the end and the beginning of the cycle occurs in my buy and sell zones).
All rules and tools are based on lengthy manual research and detailed statistics, so the best results are shown by the EURUSD currency pair, however it works for all currencies.
The trading system is a single interconnected algorithm. In conclusion, I recommend using only EURUSD to trade perfect patterns and get a quick feel for real money.
By trading intraday, you can trade any day and any session whenever you wish. At the end of the trade, all transactions are closed, there are no long-term transactions because the trader is left without a rush and slept.
The average transaction duration ranges from a few minutes to several hours. In conclusion, the average SL is 7-13 points, in about 20% of cases SL is 3-4 points.
Profit is fixed upon price movement and depends on the duration of the cycles. Location of zones and price activity. Main timeframes for deals M1, H1, additional M5, M15, M30.
This is not scalping! The duration of the transaction is from several minutes to several hours.
For example, a buy transaction has an SL (stop loss) of 10 pips. The range of price movement upwards by 50 pips that day, resulting in a profit of 40 pips. For safety and unexpected price behavior, the profit should be fixed in parts (for this I use a special algorithm).
To open a risk-free trade from 3-4 points SL. It is necessary to obtain a number of conditions that will make it possible to make the most favorable ratio of risk and reward.

How does my trade start any day?

– Open the currency chart and the news calendar (news that has 3 categories of importance should be noted on the chart).
– Find the nearest H1 buying or selling zone.
– Draw the line M1, according to certain rules, which gives accuracy to this zone.
– Set up the H1 trading cycle and make sure that it has ended in my buying or selling zone.
– If everything is in order, and the price touched or crossed my line, I open M1.
– The next step: you need to find a pattern on the M1 timeframe, in accordance with all the rules (the rules are the same for all patterns). It is with patterns that all price movements begin.
– Open a deal, set the SL (at the edge of the pattern), define the TP (take-profit) using a special algorithm.
– Transaction support using trading cycles, zones and timeframes M30, H1.
– Closing of a deal in several stages (if necessary). There are many ways to close deals safely and systematically.

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An example of my transactions with the described actions is presented in the following pictures below.